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Mama's Medicine Ride

The sweetest ride in Samara, Costa Rica for only $50/day!


Mama’s Medicine Ride (my mothers Honda Accord) is available to rent for your own private excursions based on availability. This car is in perfect condition. It is a 2007 Honda Accord, gets great gas mileage, leather seats, very comfy ride, 4 door with a large trunk and surf racks, larger tires so that it sits a little higher off the ground. It only has 55K mile. It’s all been gone through and is in perfect mechanical condition. You just have to return it clean and filled with gasoline. And if anything goes wrong or gets broken, tell me. If it is your fault… like breaking the axle while driving drunk in a cow pasture…. that’s on you. If it’s a maintenance thing, that’s on me. A certain amount of wear and tear is expected and the car is insured. It’s  $50/day. It was my mother's car and I shipped it here 3 years ago. Her hat rides in the back window for protection.

Contact me at to reserve this sweet ride!

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